About Us

Payless4CBD saves you time and money in finding the best value deals on CBD Oil and CBD oil related products for all sorts of applications and ailments.

We bring together the latest deals from over 30 online retailers, checking prices and offers every day to give you the best value.

And then we give easy ways of helping you narrow your choice down by letting you search by:

  • Type of Oil – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate

  • Category Strength – whether the product falls into low, medium or high strength

  • Mg of CBD contained in the bottle / capsule / container etc.

  • Actual strength of the CBD product typically shown as a % for easy comparison

  • Flavour of the Oil (apple, strawberry, natural etc) to help you choose your favourite

  • Brand – there are so many brands out there, but if you have a favourite we have an easy sort so you can see which retailer has the best price

We are aware that there all sorts of misleading information and claims on various sites and we do our best to cut through it all and give you clear statements on the type of CBD Oil being used (Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate) and most importantly exactly what strength the oil is and how much you should be dosing depending on your needs.  We also have various CBD calculators to help you work out exactly what you need as well as an every growing list of articles and FAQs to inform and educate.

And the price you pay is exactly the same as you pay on the Retailer’s own website when we pass you over to them to complete the transaction.

We’ll also check for any special deals that Amazon may be running, and if there are any vouchers available we’ll try and make those available to you as well.

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