Affiliate Disclosure

This is our website disclaimer and affiliate disclaimer – in the information disclosed below, we have tried to be as honest and transparent to our visitors.

If you find something within our website that you are not comfortable with, please feel free to contact us via email.

We are a participant in many affiliate programs. The basic idea is that in return for sending traffic to a particular site, then if a sale is then made on that site we will receive a commission from the retailer (typically in the range of 1% to 10%).

This is what happens if you click on any of the “buy now” or equivalent buttons. We also show clearly who the retailer is.

The price you pay on the retailer’s site is exactly the same as if you had gone direct. We are merely providing a service for you to see where the best price is currently (as well as details of the products, price history, our views etc) and the commission is received in return for providing that service.

Note, that we do not receive any commission unless a sale takes place.

We do also have Google generated advertising on the site, and these are clearly marked and typically at the end of any product listing / article or in one of the sidebars. In these instances we will receive a small payment from Google when you click on the advert (typically ca £0.10).

These revenues helps keeps this site and other sites I run in business.